Cheeze Board

Cheeze Board Why did I not think to make our own cheeze boards before? Or as in the picture above, a chocolate and berry board? It's not at all difficult to make a rustic cheeze board like the one here. I might have mentioned in a previous post that we've started...

DIY Oven Gloves

DIY Oven Gloves Who makes DIY oven gloves? Not me. Not before this. They're so easy to buy and a bit of a fuss to make. My other half and I love, love, love making food and recently started a Pop Up Dining Experience at our house. Check that out - here. Fair to say...

Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag The last time we went to visit family up north the chauffeur who collected us commented on our luggage tags. He said he could see where we lived. I thought that was the point. Then he pointed out that anyone who walked past our bags could have read our...

Easy Apron

Easy Apron Trying to get my S.O. to look slightly happy in a photo is a formidable challenge. I particularly wanted him in this easy apron as he spends so much time in the kitchen. You can see his kitchen creations - on this link. My mother spent three weeks with us...

Home Made Duvet Cover

Home Made Duvet Cover This home made duvet cover came about for two reasons. Firstly I could not find a duvet cover without pillow cases for sale anywhere. Why do they do that? If I wanted pillow cases I would buy pillow cases. I only wanted a duvet cover. Grrrr. The...

Gratitude Rock

My other half and I are big fans of movie and book - The Secret. Every now and again we re-watch the movie to get ourselves back on track. It works for us. So I was talking to a friend about Gratitude and Lee Brower in The Secret. Lee tells the story of a South...

DIY Outdoor Seating

DIY Outdoor Seating There have been a good few variations of this DIY outdoor seating idea on Pinterest. The configuration of the concrete blocks for example, or a thicker mattress, or more cushions, different coloured fabrics and painted concrete blocks. All were...

DIY Running Armband

Arm pocket tutorial I had one of these arm pockets and sometime during the building going on in our house, I packed it away in a safe place. So safe, I cannot find it anymore. It's such a handy thing as I put my house keys in the pocket, slide it onto my arm and go...

Scandinavian Heart Decoration Tutorial

Not sure why, but I love, love, love Nordic decor. I come from the southernmost tip of Africa. It's a hot spot. Our temperatures can get above 40'C. South Africa the polar opposite to Scandinavia. Heart decoration The Scandinavians make hearts from fabric to decorate...

Meet Greenie

My name is Karen. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. This blog is about how to make your own, how to recycle, restyle and up-cycle.











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