Kochi Jacket 2

Kochi Jacket Kochi Jacket This is my second Kochi Jacket. What I love about this Kochi pattern - from the Friday Pattern Company - is how the look and feel of the jacket varies considerably depending on the fabric you use. It's so versatile. This version is...

Kochi Jacket 1

Kochi Jacket Kochi Jacket 1 I've been wanting to make this Kochi Jacket for a long, long time. The pics on Instagram always look so good no matter what weight or drape of fabric is used. It's very similar to my free sewing pattern - see that here - shared way back in...

How I made a Burda Jacket

Burda Jacket 115 How I made a Burda Jacket This isn't a tutorial as such, but explains how I used a Burda magazine to make Burda Jacket 115. The pattern comes from quite an old Burda magazine - 11/2013. There are two versions of a similar item in this magazine. As is...

New Look Jacket

New Look Jacket New Look Jacket I've made this exact same New Look pattern before. First time was - here - when I made it as the pattern was meant to be. This time around, I lengthened the sleeves a bit. And made it a touch narrower in the back. Use the link above for...

New Look Kimono Jacket

New Look Kimono Jacket New Look Kimono Jacket I might have mentioned a while back that a friend's mother went into a care home. She was an avid seamstress and had a pile of fabric which I inherited. I made a pair of culottes from this fabric as well a New Look Kimono...

DIY Jackets – FREE Sewing Patterns

DIY Jackets - FREE Sewing Patterns So I've called this post - DIY Jackets - FREE Sewing Patterns. Following on from last week, when I did a recap of some of my FREE Dress Sewing Patterns and Tutorials. This week it's - DIY Jackets - FREE Sewing Patterns. Hope you find...

Large Winter Shawl

Large Winter Shawl Not sure why I'm posting this large winter shawl as it looks like we're never going to have winter here in Cape Town. Our city gave estimates projecting how temperatures here are going to rise in the next few decades. Downright scary. Ah well, I...

Poncho + FREE Sewing Pattern

Poncho + FREE Sewing Pattern It's winter at the bottom of the world. And Cape Town is known as the Cape of Storms for a very good reason. The weather gets hectic - howling gales and driving rain. It's a wet cold. Yet few homes have central heating or double glazing....

Easy Pouch for Rain Poncho

This pouch was made to store the rain poncho I made last week. See that tutorial and FREE sewing pattern for the rain poncho - on this link. Leopard print nylon pouch And here are two more tutorials for pouches or cloth toiletry bags - drawstring toiletry bag - and...

Easy Shrug + FREE Sewing Pattern

How to sew a shrug Shrug I have a big fat list going on in my head of things I want to make. As I've said before, there are things I am never going to make. Shoes and hats. Nada. But some things are so super easy that I can't NOT make them. Shrugs are bang on trend....

Meet Greenie

My name is Karen. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. This blog is about how to make your own, how to recycle, restyle and up-cycle.











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