Purse or Handbag Charm

Purse Charm

Make a charm for your wallet Purse charms There are so many variations on purse charms. Some people prefer wearing them on their handbags. Here is my take on the concept. I took three pieces of chain of differing lengths. Next I joined them together with a O-Ring. Then I slipped a pearl bead, a… Continue reading Purse or Handbag Charm

Repair a Handbag Strap

How to fix a bag strap Replace broken handbag strap The cornerstones of green consciousness are reduce, reuse and recycle. I would like to add repair. The straps of the dark green patent bag in the photo were seriously perished. The rest of the handbag was fine. I had some black strapping left over from when… Continue reading Repair a Handbag Strap

Add Scarf to Handbag

Handbag scarf 1 x handbag + 1 x scarf = tres chic Here’s a really easy one for this post. No sewing. No nothing. Take a favorite bag. Add a scarf. Voila! You double up the impact of your handbag. I showed this idea on one of my tote bags in an older post. It’s… Continue reading Add Scarf to Handbag