How to make a chalk board

How to make a chalk board

How to Make a Chalkboard on a Wall

This DIY is too easy to need a bunch of steps. We’ve got a space behind our kitchen door that was perfect to make a chalk board. Our house is super small so we need to maximise wall space. Hence to hooks on the left for kitchen utensils.

You need: –

  • masking tape
  • spirit level or a very keen eye
  • chalk board paint
  • paint brush

You do :-

Decide where you could use a chalk board.

Use your masking tape to create the edges and you will paint within the masking tape.

Paint lots of thin coats of chalk board paint. Allow each coat to dry well.

Peel away the masking tape and voila! And handy place to make shopping notes.

We take a pic on our mobile phones of the list before we hit the shops. No more losing shopping lists and we can both keep a list for whoever gets to shop first.