Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

When we moved into our semi detached house we had no idea how dark it would be. No windows all the way along the sides. Duh!

We wanted privacy but heavy curtains would block out light in the living area. I made these sheer curtains from muslin years ago, not as window curtains, but to fit a canopy around a bed. They were dead easy to make.

When we moved into our new house they were perfect for our living area. The only difficulty you will have making these sheer curtains is finding a big enough space to cut the fabric.

I also need to say the muslin warped a little once I hung the curtains. So I had to trim the bottom of these curtains and redo the hem.

The bedrooms was another story. Sheer curtains would have let in light and heat. I made blackout curtains for the bedrooms. You can see that tutorial – on this link.

You need: –

  • muslin 2 x your window width and add enough for hems and the drop of your curtain rail to the length
  • matching colour thread
  • ribbon or tape – lots
  • sewing machine
  • pins

You do: –

I’m not going to prescribe exactly how much fabric you need to make sheer curtains. Rule of thumb is minimum 2 x the width of your window. And you have to measure from your curtain rod to the ground. Then add extra for seams.

I used tape to make little bows. I pinned the tape in a V shape at regular intervals and sewed it into the top hem. See below.

Pin and sew tape in a V shape

Pin and sew tape in a V shape

You need a LOT of tape. Luckily our curtain rod was narrow which used less but I still went through a big fat roll of tape. Remember to cut the ends of your tape at an angle so it doesn’t unravel. No idea why that works but it does.

This muslin is so light and the curtains so sheer that I skipped making a hem on the bottom and sides. Instead I used a narrow zig-zag. Which worked perfectly. One would think that you can see through these sheer curtains at night but surprise, surprise – you can’t.

Once these sheer curtains were made I tied the individual bows onto the curtain rail. Took me forever.

Tie the bows

Tie the bows

And that was it.

Hope you are finding inspiration to make more and buy less. It’s not that hard.

See you here next week.