More Ideas for Collar Tips

How to add tips to your shirt collars Olive chiffon shirt with collar tips Last week I got going customising shirt collars with collar tips that I bought on-line. (Read last week’s post – here.) This week is a continuation using a slightly different collar tip that I bought from ASOS. In the last post… Continue reading More Ideas for Collar Tips

Metallic Sequin Mesh Top

How to sew sequin mesh to a top Sequin mesh T-Shirt I was so bitterly disappointed in the outcome of the metallic paint top DIY that I did a month ago. You may recall it in – this – post. Basically the metallic fabric paint didn’t withstand a cool, gentle wash. About 60% of the paint washed… Continue reading Metallic Sequin Mesh Top

DIY Sparkle Embellished Top

Sew buttons and fabric to upstyle a top Sparkle embellished top This top was inspired by the gauzy, frothy, crystal and flower embellished creations that we’ve seen this summer. I wanted to take an ordinary top and give it a sparkly finish. The intention was to cut flower shapes from a stiff fabric such as… Continue reading DIY Sparkle Embellished Top

Shredded T-Shirt

How to shred a T shirt Shredded T-Shirt Phew! This DIY is not for the faint hearted. Shredding a T-Shirt takes a while. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You also want a T-shirt that doesn’t have a slub in the yarn like mine. Why? Have a look – here – and you will see that a… Continue reading Shredded T-Shirt

Metallic Effects T-Shirt

Metallic paint T-Shirt Both Zara and H & M had sweaters and jeans with a metallic wash in their stores this season. Love, love, love. I thought, why not try my hand at a metallic effect? I never wear anything busy or fussy on my hips as I am a classic pear shape. So, it would… Continue reading Metallic Effects T-Shirt

DIY Chanel Inspired Jacket

How to add trimming to a jacket for Chanel effect Chanel inspired jacket I seriously think every woman must want to own a Chanel jacket. There’s so much to like. No collars that wear and never sit properly. They are soft as a cardigan but still pack a whole lot of smart. And they just… Continue reading DIY Chanel Inspired Jacket

DIY Peplum Top

How to upcycle a tank to a peplum top Peplum T-Shirt I love all the varieties of peplum going on right now. It’s just  . . . I like them on other people. I’ve been a little uncertain how they would look on me. My body is pear shaped so I strictly avoid anything light,… Continue reading DIY Peplum Top

Make a Designer Charity T-Shirt

Instructions for a DIY Chari Tee The M and S T-Shirt before the makeover Have you have been craving designer charity T-Shirts made by Mary Katrantzou, Roksanda Illincic¬†and Richard Nicoll et al but can’t get your hands on one?¬†Then do the next best thing and make your own designer inspired T-Shirt. First buy a T-shirt… Continue reading Make a Designer Charity T-Shirt

Longer Length Skirt with Badge and Clip Necklace

Home made clothing outfits Longer length skirt + badge Am loving the new longer length skirts. I mentioned this particular skirt pattern before. In this post make a long length skirt, I showed the same skirt in dark denim, with a sheer floaty embroidered hand-me-down top and a necklace with a metal washer. In today’s version I… Continue reading Longer Length Skirt with Badge and Clip Necklace

Brocade Trim to a Cardigan, Multi Layer Chains

How to upcycle a cardigan The story with this cardigan started off with me unpicking the label at the neckline as it was scratching and driving me mad. Unfortunately I cut the actual jersey and it started unravelling. I managed to darn the nick by hand but the repair job was visible. So I bought… Continue reading Brocade Trim to a Cardigan, Multi Layer Chains