Let Out Pants

Let out pants

Let Out Pants You know how life gets in the way and you don’t exercise as much as you should. And then the next thing, your clothes are a bit tight. And then they get even tighter. I wish I didn’t love making and eating food as much as I do. Now that my other… Continue reading Let Out Pants

Hot Pad

Hot Pad

Hot Pad Honestly not sure what to call this thing. Hot pad? Heat protective mat? Kitchen counter cover? Whatever it is, I had left-over heat protective material and decided to make two of these to match the –¬†Oven Gloves¬†– made a few weeks back. They are super handy in the kitchen to protect heat sensitive… Continue reading Hot Pad

More Ideas for Collar Tips

How to add tips to your shirt collars Olive chiffon shirt with collar tips Last week I got going customising shirt collars with collar tips that I bought on-line. (Read last week’s post – here.) This week is a continuation using a slightly different collar tip that I bought from ASOS. In the last post… Continue reading More Ideas for Collar Tips

DIY Collar Tips

Press on collar tips Plian white shirt with collar tips added This is yet another dead easy DIY that requires no sewing and can be done in a few minutes flat. The hardest part is finding metal collar tips. I show two different types in the next two blog posts. This week I show how… Continue reading DIY Collar Tips

Metallic Sequin Mesh Top

How to sew sequin mesh to a top Sequin mesh T-Shirt I was so bitterly disappointed in the outcome of the metallic paint top DIY that I did a month ago. You may recall it in – this – post. Basically the metallic fabric paint didn’t withstand a cool, gentle wash. About 60% of the paint washed… Continue reading Metallic Sequin Mesh Top

DIY Sparkle Embellished Top

Sew buttons and fabric to upstyle a top Sparkle embellished top This top was inspired by the gauzy, frothy, crystal and flower embellished creations that we’ve seen this summer. I wanted to take an ordinary top and give it a sparkly finish. The intention was to cut flower shapes from a stiff fabric such as… Continue reading DIY Sparkle Embellished Top

Shredded T-Shirt

How to shred a T shirt Shredded T-Shirt Phew! This DIY is not for the faint hearted. Shredding a T-Shirt takes a while. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You also want a T-shirt that doesn’t have a slub in the yarn like mine. Why? Have a look – here – and you will see that a… Continue reading Shredded T-Shirt

How to Make a Watch Strap

Instructions to make a fabric watch strap DIY fabric watch strap My last watch strap hardly lasted 6 months. It’s not like I am hard on them for heavens sake. And it was supposed to be a quality strap. First the band that holds the strap down went. Next the strap started cracking and perishing.… Continue reading How to Make a Watch Strap