More Ideas for Collar Tips

How to add tips to your shirt collars Olive chiffon shirt with collar tips Last week I got going customising shirt collars with collar tips that I bought on-line. (Read last week’s post – here.) This week is a continuation using a slightly different collar tip that I bought from ASOS. In the last post… Continue reading More Ideas for Collar Tips

DIY Collar Tips

Press on collar tips Plian white shirt with collar tips added This is yet another dead easy DIY that requires no sewing and can be done in a few minutes flat. The hardest part is finding metal collar tips. I show two different types in the next two blog posts. This week I show how… Continue reading DIY Collar Tips

How to Make a Watch Strap

Instructions to make a fabric watch strap DIY fabric watch strap My last watch strap hardly lasted 6 months. It’s not like I am hard on them for heavens sake. And it was supposed to be a quality strap. First the band that holds the strap down went. Next the strap started cracking and perishing.… Continue reading How to Make a Watch Strap

Colour Dip Earrings

Use nail polish to upstyle jewelry Colour dip earrings These two-tone earrings were inspired by ones I’ve seen in the retail fashion shops. River Island had a pair with metallic chain dipped in neon colours. Topshop had a pair with mixed metallic colours. I like these earrings a lot and been meaning to make them for a while now. Whenever I have… Continue reading Colour Dip Earrings

Rubber O Ring Bracelets with Charms

How to turn rubber O rings into bracelets Rubber O-Ring bracelets South Africans love wearing black rubber O-Rings as bracelets. I was given a few by a girl in my yoga class that I wear from time to time. Recently I saw some on sale at River Island with cute little charms. I bought them straight… Continue reading Rubber O Ring Bracelets with Charms

Curtain Ring Choker Necklace

How to make this necklace from curtain rings Curtain ring choker necklace We needed a single curtain ring a while back but could only buy them by the bag. And since I am always saving things for my DIY stash I’ve been wondering what to do with them. I was inspired by – this – DIY. But… Continue reading Curtain Ring Choker Necklace

Recycled Glass Necklace

How to make a necklace from Ngwenya glass Recycled glass necklace A friend brought back some recycled glass beads as a gift for me from – Ngwenya glass – in Swaziland. Some of those beads were strung onto a piece of net to make – this – necklace. There were three leftover beads and I’ve been waiting to use… Continue reading Recycled Glass Necklace

Plastic Packaging Earrings

How to make earrings from food containers Earrings from food containers I showed how to make a tribal inspired necklace from old plastic packaging a few weeks back. see here This week I show how I made two pairs of earrings from the leftover packaging from that DIY. You can use most plastic containers. They are firm,… Continue reading Plastic Packaging Earrings

Fabric Bracelets

How to make bracelets from strips of fabric Fabric bracelets I have made fabric bracelets before – see here – with a pretty piece of floral chiffon. The tribal influence is still strong and fabric bracelets are in keeping with the trend so I wanted to make more. This time with a bolder print or an… Continue reading Fabric Bracelets

DIY Fringed or Tassel T-Shirt

How to cut fringing into a T shirt Tasseled or fringed T-Shirt I keep seeing fringed or tasseled T-Shirts in the retailers. Why go out and buy a new one when they are so easy to make? I had this mans tank T-shirt which I picked up for 50p at a charity shop around the… Continue reading DIY Fringed or Tassel T-Shirt