Vintage Crochet Cardi with Handpainted T-shirt

DIY clothing Vintage crochet cardi + hand dyed T-shirt Right! Time to test drive my DIY fashions. My trusty model is wearing a remodelled T-shirt. I lopped off the neck and sleeves and turned it into a tank top. Next I painted a large heart with fabric paint. I could have painted anything. “I love… Continue reading Vintage Crochet Cardi with Handpainted T-shirt

Repair a Handbag Strap

How to fix a bag strap Replace broken handbag strap The cornerstones of green consciousness are reduce, reuse and recycle. I would like to add repair. The straps of the dark green patent bag in the photo were seriously perished. The rest of the handbag was fine. I had some black strapping left over from when… Continue reading Repair a Handbag Strap

Net Underskirt

Easy net underskirt tutorial Use net or even lace for underskirt In this post how to make a simple gathered skirt, I was discussing making simple gathered skirts. It’s such an easy way to make some of the new longer length skirts. I also said I wanted to make a net underskirt. An underskirt is like… Continue reading Net Underskirt

Wool Graffiti Tank Tops

Wool embellished tops Wool graffiti tank tops I’m not sure what it is about these tank tops that compels me to keep making them. Maybe it’s because I wear them and never have enough in my wardrobe? The heart shape is a bit of a theme with me. Trailing wool from a ball onto a… Continue reading Wool Graffiti Tank Tops

Sling Bag, Applique Tank Top, Easy Bright Beads

Green fashion clothing Sling bag, applique tank top and easy beads My long suffering model is posing again for me today. She never gets paid. She wears shearling in the sweltering African heat. She stands in the corner of my room while I dress her up and have fun. It’s a bit like playing with… Continue reading Sling Bag, Applique Tank Top, Easy Bright Beads

Yoga Mat Strap, Rope with Sliding Knots

How to make a rope strap for a yoga mat Make your own yoga mat strap I had been looking for a bag for my yoga mat for a while. It’s a bit of a mission getting it to yoga classes on my scooter. So when I made rope bracelets a while back, I got… Continue reading Yoga Mat Strap, Rope with Sliding Knots

Charm Bracelet, Trashion Blog

How to make a charm bangle Add charms to bangles Every now and again I stumble on a website and find amazing stuff people are doing with regard to eco fashion. Most fashion blogs are banal and really not worth reading. And my goodness, there are so many out there. What’s worse is that fashion… Continue reading Charm Bracelet, Trashion Blog

Jodhpurs and Knee Patches, India

DIY jodhpurs Original H and M Jodhpur style treggings A couple of posts back I showed how I gave a vintage tweed jacket some elbow patches. These H and M treggings on the right have the distinctive Jodhpur reinforced inner knee area but not the flared hip design. Good thing. Not so sure I want… Continue reading Jodhpurs and Knee Patches, India

Trilby Hat, Replace Trim, Traditional Clothing

How to upcycle a hat Replace trim on trilby Keeping cool in the searing heat here in Cape Town right now is proving to be a challenge. Just getting some sleep would be nice. At night I lie awake too hot to do anything. Daytime temps are climbing close to 40’C and the air is… Continue reading Trilby Hat, Replace Trim, Traditional Clothing

Simple Elastic Waist Skirt, Black Net Underskirt

Elastic waist skirt Mini as in little skirt I got in a bit of a panic last night. The last blog showed what I consider easy skirts to make. Although I did say that some level of sewing skill was required to make them. The more I thought on it, the more I realised that… Continue reading Simple Elastic Waist Skirt, Black Net Underskirt