DIY Door Stop

DIY Door Stop

DIY Door Stop

Hope you had a fabulous festive season and that 2017 is your best year ever!

My other half and I were doing a mini renovation in a flat in London earlier in the year. The doors inside the flat have a mechanism whereby they automatically close. Something about fire safety. Bit annoying, but anyway, we needed door stops to hold two of the doors open.

I had some denim off-cuts that I used to make two DIY door stops. It’s easy peasy to make these DIY door stops. Here’s how.

You need: –

  • firm fabric like denim in approximately 80 x 20 centimtres in length
  • matching colour thread
  • sewing machine
  • hand sewing needle
  • stones or sand

You do: –

Cut your DIY door stop to the required size.

Cut to size

Cut to size

Turn your fabric inside out and fold in half longways. Sew around the one end, sew along the side and almost around the other end. You must leave space to insert your sand or stones.

Now insert your sand or stones. I had made one of these previously back home in Cape Town and went down to the beach with a spoon where I ladled sand into the door stop. In London I wasn’t so lucky. I had to buy a bag of stones from the garden centre. The rest of the stones are in the loft. Not sure what I’m ever going to do with them.

Once your bag is full of sand or stones, hand sew the end up. And just like that you have a handy door stop.

Have a great green week.