Purse or Handbag Charm

Purse Charm

Make a charm for your wallet Purse charms There are so many variations on purse charms. Some people prefer wearing them on their handbags. Here is my take on the concept. I took three pieces of chain of differing lengths. Next I joined them together with a O-Ring. Then I slipped a pearl bead, a… Continue reading Purse or Handbag Charm

Multi-Strand Rope Bangle

Rope bracelet Multi-strand rope bangle I wear the rope bangles I made in an older post nearly every day – rope bracelet. So when I saw this idea in a shop, I knew I had to try to make something similar. I don’t buy nearly as much as I used to and I use the retail… Continue reading Multi-Strand Rope Bangle

Single Chain Earrings

How to make chain drop earrings Single chain earring Sometimes, especially when I have just logged onto a blog with amazing photos, I am tempted to have more steps in my DIY fashion ideas or upgrade my camera for something a hellava lot fancier. What stops me is when the blogs jam and take what… Continue reading Single Chain Earrings

How to Make Nautical or Military Badges

DIY clip on badges Add a brooch clasp to the back of a badge In this post longer length skirt and badge I showed an outfit with the badge in the centre of the picture. The two new badges on either side of the original badge in the picture, are about to be turned into brooch badges… Continue reading How to Make Nautical or Military Badges

Shell Jewelry

Shell jewelry tutorial Shell jewelry This project is all my daughter’s idea. She had a collection of shells she picked up over the years. She decided to make jewelry out of them. I got this set from her as a gift. She gently filed small holes in the shells and then slipped an O-ring through… Continue reading Shell Jewelry

Three Different Lariat Necklaces

How to make a lariat necklace Three different lariat necklaces After styling my model with that Aventurine lariat necklace two posts back, I got into them all over again. I bought the one in the middle of the photo as it is. It is made of polished quartz crystal chips with two larger heavier quartz crystals… Continue reading Three Different Lariat Necklaces

Rope Bracelet

How to make a rope bangle Rope bracelets Today I thought I would show you some rope bracelets I made. The idea is not mine. I got the idea from the PS I made this website. Have mentioned them before. Synchronicity must exist as I found similar ideas to mine on their web page. Or… Continue reading Rope Bracelet

Skinny Belt

Skinny Belt

 How to make a belt Vintage dress plus home made skinny belt Another easy way to update your wardrobe is to incorporate a skinny belt. They work well over a jacket or with a pullover. I took a look at my current crop of belts and found not much to work with. I need skinny… Continue reading Skinny Belt