Out of Africa Earrings

Isabel Marant inpsired earrings What you need to make these earrings Just got back home around 40 hours ago from an epic overland tour of 4 southern African countries. I missed my blog but hey, I wasn’t going to let an opportunity like that pass me by. And since it was a camping tour, it’s… Continue reading Out of Africa Earrings


How to make bead earrings Components to make earrings My trips out to the fashion retailers have become more of a source of inspiration for me than actual shopping trips. There are some things that are not so easy to make. I’m not going to lie, I don’t think I would want to even try… Continue reading Earrings

Single Chain Earrings

How to make chain drop earrings Single chain earring Sometimes, especially when I have just logged onto a blog with amazing photos, I am tempted to have more steps in my DIY fashion ideas or upgrade my camera for something a hellava lot fancier. What stops me is when the blogs jam and take what… Continue reading Single Chain Earrings

Trim on Sleeves and Collar to Make a Preppy Jacket

How to sew trim to a jacket I did not make this jacket. So why did I include it? The jacket was the inspiration for adding more trimmings. The colour contrast on this jacket made it most suitable for a picture. I prepped up a few of my jackets with a similar trim. Here’s how – You… Continue reading Trim on Sleeves and Collar to Make a Preppy Jacket