DIY Accessories – FREE Tutorials

Yet another round up of older tutorials, this time - DIY Accessories - FREE Tutorials. All patterns, tutorials and content here will always be FREE. Click on the link below the image to find the tutorial. Unfortunately, some of the pics are grainy as they were taken...

Crochet Glasses Case

Crochet Glasses Case This crochet glasses case is a great way to use up left over wool. If you have really short wool scraps you can layer different coloured stripes for a fun, fresh and funky new glasses case. You need: - wool crochet hook You do: - Start by making a...

Easy Scarf

How to make a statement scarf This week is another super fast DIY. Can you tell that I have had another hectic week? I'm trying to squeeze in too much. Xhosa lessons, jewellery lessons, my job, training for a race and trying to facilitate a potentially amazing project...

DIY Tassel Key Charm

How to make a key charm Each time I set foot into the shops and find myself drawn to gorgeous stuff that I desperately want to have that very moment, I have to remind myself that - no I can't buy it. I must first try and DIY it. Tassel key charm Sure, there are plenty...

FREE Mittens Knitting Pattern

How to make mittens Easy mittens It's the middle of summer in South Africa. Hardly cold. Yesterday was 35'C and the day before was 31'C. My other half is in London where it's a whole 6'C. Night-time temperatures are around freezing point. Can't imagine that in this...

How to make an easy hairband

Hairband tutorial Easy hairband I have made hairbands before. Click on these links to view them - DIY silver ribbon hairband - T-Shirt hairband - and - pantyhose hairband. They are so super easy to make and take no more than half an hour. You need some kind of elastic...

DIY Headband from Pantyhose

How to make a stretchy headband I saw my daughter with a headband the other day. It was a light brown colour and looked perfect for either My mother with a green hairband gym or a tres chic up-do. Turns out, it was an old pair of tights. How clever. My daughter swears...

How to make a Scrunchie

Make your own hair scrunchie They say, whoever they are, that if you wore a trend once, you should not wear it a second time around. Scrunchie That's so unfair. What if a person really likes a certain style? And to keep wearing clothes and accessories from a certain...

Chunky Knit Beanie

Knitting pattern for a square beanie I first saw these square beanies when I was in Scotland about two years ago. The corners look a bit Chunky knit beanie like "ears". I think they are so cute. Am not mad about knitting so I made this beanie with thick wool and thick...

DIY Graffiti Scarf

How to make your own graffiti scarf Graffiti scarf This weeks DIY was inspired by the MCQ Graffiti scarf. I loved how they printed words all over a piece of silk. I had a piece of light cotton that I have been wanting to use, but it was blue. I am a Greenie after all....

Easy Handbag Charm

Make a handbag charm from a dog tag Dog tag handbag charm Last week's blog post was a bit of a departure from my usual focus. The point of this blog has always been to make, or remake clothes rather than buying. I often visit on-line fashion web-sites for inspiration...

Lace Edged Socks

How to make your own lace edged socks Lace trim socks Socks and strappy heels are not a combo I would ordinarily think of wearing. To start with, I hardly ever wear heels, and when I do I'm always reminded why I don't wear them. Socks and sandals immediately make me...

Meet Greenie

My name is Karen. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. This blog is about how to make your own, how to recycle, restyle and up-cycle.













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