Rubber O Ring Bracelets with Charms

How to turn rubber O rings into bracelets Rubber O-Ring bracelets South Africans love wearing black rubber O-Rings as bracelets. I was given a few by a girl in my yoga class that I wear from time to time. Recently I saw some on sale at River Island with cute little charms. I bought them straight… Continue reading Rubber O Ring Bracelets with Charms

DIY Peplum Top

How to upcycle a tank to a peplum top Peplum T-Shirt I love all the varieties of peplum going on right now. It’s just  . . . I like them on other people. I’ve been a little uncertain how they would look on me. My body is pear shaped so I strictly avoid anything light,… Continue reading DIY Peplum Top

Curtain Ring Choker Necklace

How to make this necklace from curtain rings Curtain ring choker necklace We needed a single curtain ring a while back but could only buy them by the bag. And since I am always saving things for my DIY stash I’ve been wondering what to do with them. I was inspired by – this – DIY. But… Continue reading Curtain Ring Choker Necklace

Make a Designer Charity T-Shirt

Instructions for a DIY Chari Tee The M and S T-Shirt before the makeover Have you have been craving designer charity T-Shirts made by Mary Katrantzou, Roksanda Illincic¬†and Richard Nicoll et al but can’t get your hands on one?¬†Then do the next best thing and make your own designer inspired T-Shirt. First buy a T-shirt… Continue reading Make a Designer Charity T-Shirt

Recycled Glass Necklace

How to make a necklace from Ngwenya glass Recycled glass necklace A friend brought back some recycled glass beads as a gift for me from – Ngwenya glass – in Swaziland. Some of those beads were strung onto a piece of net to make – this – necklace. There were three leftover beads and I’ve been waiting to use… Continue reading Recycled Glass Necklace

Asymmetrical Hemlines

How to cut a hi-lo or asymmetrical hem in a dress or skirt Asymmetrical hem Asymmetrical hems are turning up on dresses, skirts, T-shirts and shirts. They are also called high low skirts, fishtail skirts or mullet skirts. Although these hemlines are typically – a curved edge raised in the middle, higher in front and lower at… Continue reading Asymmetrical Hemlines

Plastic Packaging Earrings

How to make earrings from food containers Earrings from food containers I showed how to make a tribal inspired necklace from old plastic packaging a few weeks back. see here This week I show how I made two pairs of earrings from the leftover packaging from that DIY. You can use most plastic containers. They are firm,… Continue reading Plastic Packaging Earrings

Slouchy Slogan T-Shirt

Instructions to use fabric paint on a T Shirt Slouchy slogan T-shirt Loose slouchy tees have been around for a while now. Henry Holland brought them back. And brought them back again. And they are staying – season after season the coolest ones seem to show up in Topshop or ASOS. Some are long, some are cropped. How hard are they… Continue reading Slouchy Slogan T-Shirt

Fabric Bracelets

How to make bracelets from strips of fabric Fabric bracelets I have made fabric bracelets before – see here – with a pretty piece of floral chiffon. The tribal influence is still strong and fabric bracelets are in keeping with the trend so I wanted to make more. This time with a bolder print or an… Continue reading Fabric Bracelets

DIY Fringed or Tassel T-Shirt

How to cut fringing into a T shirt Tasseled or fringed T-Shirt I keep seeing fringed or tasseled T-Shirts in the retailers. Why go out and buy a new one when they are so easy to make? I had this mans tank T-shirt which I picked up for 50p at a charity shop around the… Continue reading DIY Fringed or Tassel T-Shirt