How to shred a T shirt

Shredded T-Shirt

Phew! This DIY is not for the faint hearted. Shredding a T-Shirt takes a while. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You also want a T-shirt that doesn’t have a slub in the yarn like mine. Why? Have a look – here – and you will see that a slub is a twist or knot in the yarn that creates a special effect. It also makes it a million times harder to shred as the knots get stuck and are a hellava job to unravel. Last thing I thought of when I decided to shred this T-Shirt.

I tried to shred the T-shirt from the bottom and work my way up but I gave up and made snips all over the T-Shirt which I shredded up and down.

Remove commercial hem

To shred a rib knit item, you need a raw edge. So before you do anything, cut the commercial hem from the T-Shirt. I used a pin to pick the threads loose. The wider the area you can unravel the easier it is to shred your T-Shirt.

Then you have to pull and stretch the fabric so the loose stitches start to run. Much like getting a hole in your pantyhose. I used a pin to pick at it and keep it going. It takes a while but it looks lovely in this lightweight T-Shirt. I plan to wear a contrasting colour tank top underneath the shredded tee so the coloured tank top peeks through the shreds.

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