Instructions to make a fabric watch strap

DIY fabric watch strap

My last watch strap hardly lasted 6 months. It’s not like I am hard on them for heavens sake. And it was supposed to be a quality strap. First the band that holds the strap down went. Next the strap started cracking and perishing.

Trying to find a new strap was beyond annoying. All I could find was the same colour and style straps over and over again but from different makers. They come in boring basic black, brown and navy. I wanted something fun.

It was time to figure out how to make my own watch strap. My first attempt  was a strap in heavy tape and using the original watch buckle. I pierced holes for the buckle with a wool needle that I heated with a cigarette lighter. That was a spectacular flop.

The strap wasn’t strong enough and the hot needle left black marks. Next I bought a vest or waistcoat buckle with teeth that didn’t need holes – similar to this – and I bought regular cotton fabric. My second attempt was much better and I am happy with the result.
Here’s how I made this watchstrap –

Fold 1/3 of fabric over

You need: –

a piece of fabric approx 24 x 7 centimetres in size
a buckle – see above
pins and sewing scissors

Fold over opposite 1/3 tucking the edge under

matching colour thread and a sewing machine

You do: –

Hand stitch buckle in place

Fold the fabric over approximate one third. Fold the opposite third over and tuck the edges under. See photo. Check the strap will fit your watch before you sew. If it’s too wide then trim and fold again. Likewise if it’s too narrow open the folds a little.

Stitch along the edge to secure your folds and continue stitching around the entire edge to make it look the same.

Slide the watch strap onto your watch and then hand stitch the buckle in place on the one end. The buckle is usually at 12 o’clock. You can put a small hem on the opposite end to neaten the edges.
I chose not to.

You can hand stitch a hem if you prefer

 Here are two more tutorials for making watch straps – All about you – and – Cluck cluck sew.

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