Tribal Inspired Necklace from Recycled Food Containers

How to make a necklace from food packaging Food carton necklace I’ve been wanting to do this DIY for a while now. We keep throwing out food packaging and I’ve been wanting to come up with a way to re-use it. The nice thing about most plastic packaging is that it’s soft enough to cut… Continue reading Tribal Inspired Necklace from Recycled Food Containers

Lace Edged Socks

How to make your own lace edged socks Lace trim socks Socks and strappy heels are not a combo I would ordinarily think of wearing. To start with, I hardly ever wear heels, and when I do I’m always reminded why I don’t wear them. Socks and sandals immediately make me think of German tourists… Continue reading Lace Edged Socks

Dip Dye T-Shirts

How to dip dye clothes at home Dip Dye T-Shirts You would think I’ve had enough home dying but I keep finding new ways and new things to dye. Plus, I left my favourite Two Colour Tie Dye Scarf behind in South Africa. I’ve been looking for an excuse to make another one. I’ve experimented… Continue reading Dip Dye T-Shirts

DIY Headband/Fascinator

How to make a fascinator Headband/Fascinator This is not a look for wallflowers or a job interview. This is all about a night out partying or a festival. It’s about having fun and being playful. I often braid my hair or twist it into knots which adds to the fairy feel of this quirky headpiece. It’s… Continue reading DIY Headband/Fascinator

7/8 Trousers

Raising trouser hems 7/8 Trousers I’m always on about eco fashion. Two great books to read explaining why we should strive to be as green in our fashion choices as possible are Over Dressed by Elizabeth L Cline and To Die for by Lucy Siegle. On to this week’s must have item. Cropped trousers or Capri… Continue reading 7/8 Trousers

DIY Rope Necklace

Easy rope necklace Rope Necklace The gist of this blog, first and foremost, is to try and make clothes and accessories out of old stuff. Next best is to make or DIY. Buying vintage, retro or second-hand is also great.The very last course of action is to buy. You don’t need to buy when you… Continue reading DIY Rope Necklace

Turban Headband from a T-shirt

How to make a turban headband Turban from an old T-Shirt Some DIY projects spring easily to mind. Others come about by default. The idea to make this turban came from a need to keep my ears warm after I went for a run on a particularly cold day in Scotland. My ears ached from… Continue reading Turban Headband from a T-shirt

DIY Colour Blocking T-shirts

Contrast color sleeves DIY Colour block T-Shirts If you are looking for a DIY project that will bring the colour blocking trend into your wardrobe then you have found one. The hardest part of this project, is unpicking the sleeves of the T-Shirts. You also need a sewing machine to sew the sleeves back on. Unpicking… Continue reading DIY Colour Blocking T-shirts

Button Rings

How to make rings This is another DIY project involving buttons following on from last week. You could make both and have matchy matchy rings and earrings. I would have used regular ring bases from a craft or bead shop but I saw this video and I really liked they way Amy used non-bend black… Continue reading Button Rings

Button Stud Earrings

How to make stud earrings I made little stud earrings from glass head pins a while back. You can find that post on the Greenie Galleries at the top of this page. Been wanting to make stud earrings from buttons for a long time. I quite enjoyed perusing the button section of various shops looking… Continue reading Button Stud Earrings