How to cut fringing into a T shirt

Tasseled or fringed T-Shirt

I keep seeing fringed or tasseled T-Shirts in the retailers. Why go out and buy a new one when they are so easy to make? I had this mans tank T-shirt which I picked up for 50p at a charity shop around the corner. I knew it would come in handy for a DIY. In a matter of minutes it was restyled into a tassel T-Shirt. Here’s how.

You need: –

  • a T-Shirt – not a cropped top – must have some length
  • scissors
  • a good eye to cut uniform tassels or a ruler
  • dressmakers chalk or an old bar or dry soap
  • ruler

To make: –

Cut even tassels into the bottom of T-Shirt

Lay your T-Shirt flat on the floor or a table. Cut the hem away so you have a raw edge to work with.

If you think you can cut evenly then do so. If not, measure the length you want your tassels to be.

Draw a line with the dressmakers chalk or an old dried out bar of soap so you cut only to that length. Next measure out the width you want your tassels and mark them on the T-Shirt too.

Now cut your tassels. See picture if you are not sure. And that is it. An up cycled T-shirt.
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