How to and pattern for this easy fabric hand bag

Slouchy bag

This slouchy bag is easy to make, roomy enough to use as a beach bag and great for up-cycling old curtains, tablecloths or linen. Maybe even recycle a maxi skirt or winter scarf you’ve grown tired of? You can see the tutorial for this bag – here – as well. I can’t stop making them.

Ideally you want a firm fabric but if you have a softer piece of fabric you love, then buy – interfacing – and iron it to the back of your fabric to give it more body and firmness.

Stitch halfway up both sides – picture A

I’ve made at least 10 of these bags so far. I keep giving mine away to friends who fall in love with them. So far, they have come up perfect in upholstery fabric, velvet, canvas, and denim. This one is made from an African print that I happened to have. I had to line this one with interfacing.


Stitch across top – picture B

These bags are an easy way to buy into a current trend or colour, think Aztec print or neon. How about sparkly silver taffeta for a metallic version? And the very best bit? They are washable. When they get a bit grubby, pop them in the washing machine and they are good to go again.

You do need a sewing machine and very basic sewing skills to make this bag. The pattern is at the bottom of this post.

Stitch bottom of bag – picture C

You need: –

  • 2 x 800mm x 460mm pieces of fabric
  • 2 x same size pieces of interfacing if your fabric is soft
  • pins
  • matching colour thread
  • sewing machine
  • sewing scissors

You do: –

Cut your pattern – and interfacing if needed. Iron interfacing to back of your fabric if required.

Fold corners and stitch across – picture D

Place your pieces of fabric – right sides facing together (i.e. inside out) – and sew halfway up both sides. (See picture A) Sew across the top. (See picture B).

Open up bag so the two sides seams are on top of each other. Stitch the bottom of your bag. (See picture C).


Fold back edges and sew flat – picture E

Fold the side cut-out corners of the bag flat and stitch across them to finish off the bottom of the bag. This creates a boxy shape to the base. (See picture D).

Fold back the edges and stitch them flat. (See picture E).

Fold top of bag in half and sew sides together – picture F

Fold the top of your bag in half and sew the two sides together. (See picture F).

Fold the sewn together sides under so the join is underneath strap and not visible.

Voila! You new bag is done.

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Slouchy Bag Pattern