Gallery 3

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Long Sleeve Kimono + FREE Sewing Pattern

Wide Top + FREE Sewing Pattern

Easy Mittens + FREE Knitting Pattern

Stretchy Tank Top

Drawstring Pouch Bag

Tassel Necklace

Back Pack Tutorial + FREE Sewing Pattern

Origami Dress + FREE Sewing Pattern

Patch Jeans Tutorial

Hose Pipe Ring

Summer Sundress + FREE Sewing Pattern

Ribbon Bracelet

Rolled Wire Bracelets

No Sew Boob Tube Top

Shell Flower Ring

Midi Skirt + FREE Sewing Pattern

Pleather Earrings

Tapestry Top + FREE Sewing Pattern

Lime Fleece Beanie + FREE Pattern Instructions

Panel Skirt + FREE Pattern Instructions

Lace Top + FREE Pattern Instructions

Shower Hook Necklace

Tank Top + FREE Pattern Instructions

Chunky Knit Beanie + FREE Pattern

How to Set a Zip

Diamante Stud Earrings

DIY Silver Shampoo

Green Place Mat Clutch Bag 

Stone Drop Earrings


Tee Top + FREE Pattern Instructions 

Romantic Styled T-Shirt


Tribal Inspired Handbag Decoration 

My Daughter’s Wrap Top


Grungy Green Bag + FREE Pattern Instructions 

Embellished Shirt Collar 

Three Types of Fingertip Rings 

Skinny Scarf

Chanel Inspired Coat Trim

Shift Dress + FREE Pattern Instructions

Lace Trim to a Cardigan

Three pairs of Earrings

Ribbon Brooch

Flower Clip Beanie

Stone and Bead Necklace


Tuxedo Trousers

A-Line Sundress 1
A-Line Sundress 2

Electric Cable Bangles

Trim to Shoes

Wool Graffiti T-Shirt

Feather Earrings

Recycled Glass Necklace

Charity T-Shirt

Curtain Ring Necklace

Curtains Part 1
Curtains Part 2

Cushion Covers

Greeting Cards from Fabric Scraps

Peplum Top

Rubber O Ring Bracelets

Chanel Inspired Jacket

Colour Dip Earrings

Metallic T-Shirt

DIY Watch Strap

Shredded T-Shirt

DIY Collar Tips

Slouchy Bag + FREE Pattern Instructions

More Peplums

Bead Rings

Charm Bangles

Key Ring Necklace

White Wooden Beads

More Collar Tips

Bubble Skirt

Chanel Inspired Handbag Chain

Elbow Patches

Bead Stud Earrings

Brocade Trim Cardigan

Nautical Badges

Festive Flags or Bunting

Square Doorstop

Heart Key Cushion