FREE Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

Gathered skirt

FREE Sewing Patterns and Tutorials Let’s talk a bit about FREE Sewing Patterns and Tutorials this week. Almost every week I roll out a FREE sewing pattern and/or tutorial for something I’ve made. I make a LOT of stuff. None of the things I make are difficult. I can do more complex sewing. Would never tackle tailoring,… Continue reading FREE Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

Tea Dying

Using natural dyes at home Tea Dyed top I’ve done quite a bit of tie dying. See – here – here –  and – here. The reason I dyed this top was because it acquired a massive stain. Tea dying is so easy and a great way to save my top. Stain it all over! You can… Continue reading Tea Dying

Dip Dye T-Shirts

How to dip dye clothes at home Dip Dye T-Shirts You would think I’ve had enough home dying but I keep finding new ways and new things to dye. Plus, I left my favourite Two Colour Tie Dye Scarf behind in South Africa. I’ve been looking for an excuse to make another one. I’ve experimented… Continue reading Dip Dye T-Shirts

Dyeing Fabric at Home

Tips for dying clothing The T-shirts before they were dyed I went a bit mad a few weekends back. First I did some bleach dying and then I moved on to fabric dye. Summer 2012 is going to be a riot of crazy prints so I decided to jump in early and up-cycle a couple… Continue reading Dyeing Fabric at Home

DIY Bleach Dye T-shirt

How to bleach a T-shirt for tie dye effect I have talked about bleaching and dying in this blog before. I don’t often dye myself, but rather get our local laundry service to do it, as it’s a really, really messy business. That’s not all. Dying clothes is a lot like dyeing hair. The end… Continue reading DIY Bleach Dye T-shirt

How to wash and Iron a Vintage Suede Jacket

Instructions to launder suede at home Vintage suede jacket My mother gave me this gorgeous suede shirt/jacket. She told me it was washable suede. How does one know when suede is washable and when it is not? Sorry, I can’t help with that. She had washed it successfully before. I do know that I positively… Continue reading How to wash and Iron a Vintage Suede Jacket