Using up Left Over Fabric

Mobile phone pouch
Mobile phone pouch
Using up Left Over Fabric

Using up Left Over Fabric

It’s always so satisfying when I use up left over fabric. This is a nice firm piece of curtaining which I used to make – curtains – and – a laundry bag.

It’s really easy to make a phone pouch, phone cable pouch, lipstick pouch, glasses pouch – anything pouch for that matter – as you can see from the pics below.

Measure the fabric for your pouch

Measure the fabric for your pouch and don’t forget to include seam allowances.

Make a hem

Make a hem at the top or open end. I used a decorative stitch.

Sew bottom and side

Sew bottom and side. Then snip the corners so it folds open nicely.

And that’s it! These are handy gifts. And great for traveling.

Have a great green week.


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My name is Karen. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. This blog is about how to make your own, how to recycle, restyle and up-cycle.

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