Linen Balloon Sleeve Top
Linen Balloon Sleeve Top

Linen Balloon Sleeve Top

I’m loving statement sleeve tops – hence this Linen Balloon Sleeve Top. And as always, I use easy shapes to make my clothes. Here’s how to make this top. I am a UK dress size 12. Adjust bigger or smaller to fit your size.

Balloon sleeve top sewing pattern
Balloon sleeve top sewing pattern UK size 12

You need: –

  • fabric
  • matching colour thread
  • sewing scissors
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • tape measure
  • knicker elastic

You do: –

Measure and cut out the pattern for your top. See pattern above. Start with a slight diagonal at the end of the sleeves. You can always cut off more. Can’t add back.

Cut pattern pieces
Cut pattern pieces

Fold the top part of this in half to get the centre line. Pin the centre line.

Then measure between 10 centimetres to 14 centimetres to the left and to the right. This is your neckline. Just pin these measurements for now. You will sew from the end of the sleeve to this point.

So, the reason why I allow – more or less – for the neckline is because if you cut a deeper or lower neckline – you want to go narrower. If you want more of a boat neck or a higher neckline – you want to go wider. You can also make it a V neckline. See how I did that in – this – blog post.

Fold the bottom of this top in half and pin the centre line.

Place the top and bottom together – right sides facing – and centre points lined up – and sew them together.

Press the seam open. Now place the back and front together right sides inward. Sew across the sleeves to the shoulders up to where you pinned.

Then sew under the sleeves and sides together.

Sew shoulders, sleeves and sides together
Sew shoulders, sleeves and sides together

Now it’s time to make the neckline. Snip and roll over the neckline. Make sure the back is higher than the front. Pin in place. Slip the top on and check you’re happy with the neckline. To be honest I went back and made mine a bit lower than in the photo above.

Hem bottom of top and sleeves. Add elastic.
Hem bottom of top and sleeves. Add elastic.

Press all the seams and the neckline open. Now pin the hem of this top at the bottom and for the sleeves. Fit the top to make sure you are happy with the length before you sew.

Also make sure the hem for your sleeve is wide enough to fit your elastic. Measure the elastic loosely around your arm and then cut it a centimetre or two longer so you have a bit of overlap to sew the ends together.

Slide the elastic through the sleeve and sew the ends together.

Voila! A meadium weight warm Linen Balloon Sleeve Top that is perfect for between season and is on trend.

All the best.