Easy Stone & Silver Earrings
Stone & Silver Earrings

Stone & Silver Earrings

I’ve made a bunch of stone & silver earrings already which you can see in the Jewellery Category at the top of this blog.

What makes it easy is having a stash of silver finding, fastenings and hooks in various styles. Pick stone beads with properties you resonate to. Adding quartz crystal or clear crystal is said to amplify the power of your stones. So you’re not just wearing jewellery, you’re wearing healing or mood improving accessories.

You need this

You need: –

  • silver wire – or like I have here – which are are called eye pins
  • earring hooks
  • O rings to attach the earrings to the hooks
  • beads
  • pliers
  • wire cutters

This is really easy to do.

If using wire, make a hook at the end to stop your beads falling off. No need to do that if you can find eye pins. Now load the beads onto your wire or pins.

Bend over at the other end to make a loop. Cut the excess wire away.

Attach the beads to the earring hook with O rings.

Job done!

Have a great green week.