Quick Tote Bag
Quick Tote Bag

Quick Tote Bag

This has to be the easiest, quickest tote bag ever. Hence me calling it Quick Tote Bag.

You need: –

  • a rectangular piece of fabric approximately 40 cms wide x 85 cms long
  • 2 x pieces of strapping approximately 70 cms long each
  • matching colour thread
  • sewing machine
  • sewing scissors
  • pins

You do: –

Fold the rectangular piece in half, right sides facing inward as per the photo below. Pin sides together. Sew the sides together double sewing the ends.

Fold in half - right sides together.
Fold in half – right sides together.

Next you want to pin your straps to the top of your bag. Pin them to the inside of the fabric which will be on the outside when you’re sewing the sides together. (Hope that makes sense)

Then check the straps are not too close or too wide apart. Also check your straps aren’t too long. Now sew the straps to the top edge of your bag.

Fold a hem on the top of your bag – folding the strap ends into the fold – and sew a hem.

And that’s it. Bag done. Simple!

You can make a colour block bag by sewing fabric off cuts together to make this bag. And you can add pockets or badges or fringing or whatever makes you smile.

Have a great green week.