Fabric Necklace
Fabric Necklace

This is a great way to use up fabric strips from when I made – this – top. I also made a set of fabric bracelets to go with this diy fabric necklace which you can see – here.

You need: –

  • long fabric strips
  • matching colour thread
  • hand sewing needle
  • rope
  • duct tape
  • pins
You need this
You need this

How to make a DIY Fabric Necklace

I used a left-over piece of rope to make the basic part of this diy fabric necklace. The rope was a bit thin so I wrapped it three times. But first I joined the ends together using duct tape.

DIY Fabric Necklace
Wrap fabric around the rope

You’re going to need a long thin strip of fabric to wind around this rope. I made a continuous binding with a sections of this fabric. The trick to getting this right is to fold both sides of your fabric strips in like bias-binding (which I didn’t do with the bracelets and regretted it) so the fabric doesn’t fray.

As you roll the fabric around the rope make sure to cover the previous edge so the rope is not exposed. And pin the bits in place so they don’t unravel.

Once you’re done winding all this lot, hand-sew the ends together.

And just like that you have a fun new necklace.


If you only have plain fabric, you can sew beads like pearls, crystals or wooden beads onto your necklace to give it a bit of character. Or layer these necklaces in different lengths and colours.

Have a great green week.