DIY Party Bag

Party Bag

Party Bag

Been a while since my last post. I will never stop posting as I cannot stop making things. But real life does get in the way of having fun sometimes.

Recognize the dress in this pic? The pattern for that is – here. And I’ve made a similar style bag to this – as a tote bag – which you can see – on this link.

During the day I’m happy to hump a big bag around, but at night or on holiday I want something small and light. Preferable cross body so I can keep my passport or ID, mobile phone, lipstick and credit card or cash close to me. So I made this bag. Here’s how.

You need: –

  • rope or string about 150 centimetres long
  • a piece of firm fabric 20 centimetres wide x 75 centimetres long
  • braid or trimmings
  • sewing scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine

You do: –

Cut your bag pattern as per above measurement. If you have a piece of fabric you love and really, really want to use – that isn’t strong enough to work as a bag – then make a lining with a firm piece of fabric. You lay the bag fabric on top of the lining and sew with them next to each other.

Seam allowance is 1 centimetre. Add more to the above pattern if you want a wider seam allowance. You can also make the bag wider, shorter, longer flap or basically customize the shape. My advice would be to make a pattern from old newspaper first to check it will work.

Pin trimmings to one end of your bag

Pin trimmings to one end of your bag

Fold over a 1 centimetre hem at each end of you bag as per above photo. Pin in place and sew.

Then add your trimmings to the one end. Pin in place, then sew.

Add rope

Add rope

Fold your bag at approximately 28 centimetres right sides facing inwards. Pin your rope along the side from the one edge of the fold – which is the bottom of your bag – to the other edge of the fold. You are going to incorporate the rope into the side seam to make sure it’s secure.

Check you’re happy with the length by trying the bag on. Now tie a knot at each end of the rope and sew the rope and the sides of the bag together in one go. If your rope is too thick to fit under your sewing machine foot, the sew the side seam first and hand-sew the rope in place.

Turn your bag right sides out. Fold flap over. Press if needed. And just like that you have a party bag!

Have a great green week.