Tassel Earrings Tutorial

Tassel Earrings Tutorial

Tassel Earrings Tutorial

This is a tassel earrings tutorial – with a difference. First I made small tassels. Then I teamed those tassels with these gorgeous wooden beads. Am thrilled with the outcome.

You need: –

  • silver earring hooks
  • silver wire
  • pliers
  • a business card
  • ordinary sewing thread
  • sewing needle
  • sewing scissors

You do: –

First you want to make the tassels. What you need to consider is size. As in width and length. You’re already adding a bead to your earrings, so too long tassels, and they will get caught in handbag straps or collars and tug at your ears. Too wide or full and they might look a bit busy relative to your bead. I should have gone a bit fuller with my tassels to be honest.

It’s probably best to lay your earring hook flat on a piece of paper. Below it place your bead. And below that draw a tassel free hand with a pen or pencil. That will give you a sense of context. How long to make it. You can also measure the length of your earring as drawn on your paper with a tape measure and hold it up to your ears to make sure it’s not too long.

You need to make tassels

You need to make tassels

I made my tassels by winding ordinary sewing thread around a business card. The more you wind around the card – the fuller or wider your tassels will be. Don’t worry too much about the length at this stage. You can always cut them shorter.

Take a piece of sewing thread and slide it through the thread at one end of the business card. Then tie it. This is to stop your tassel threads separating and falling apart. Side the tassel off the business card carefully and lay flat on a table. Now wind more sewing thread a short way down from the ‘tied’ end of your tassel. Wind around a good few times and tie. Snip any loose ends. Cut the opposite ends so the loops are broken.┬áThe picture above should help.

Next I made a loop at one end of each of the two pieces of silver wire. I pulled the wire through the bead and using a needle and the same thread for the tassels I sewed the tassel onto the loop at the bottom of the bead.

Then, using pliers, I attached the other end of the silver wire to the silver earring hook. My wire was a bit too long so I had to cut it a bit shorter. Hopefully using this tassel earrings tutorial you can make your own lovely earrings.

Have a great green week.