Moon Choker

Moon Choker

Moon Choker

This lovely moon choker came about because I had a hammered silver crescent moon and wasn’t wearing it. Made it back in the days of jewelry making with left-over silver. All it took was a quick bend of some silver wire plus an O-ring to attach the moon charm and the moon choker was done. Feels very Stevie Nicks wearing it.

You need: –

  • thick silver wire
  • round pliers
  • silver O-ring
  • silver charm
  • fine grit sandpaper
  • long thin piece of wood
  • masking tape
  • flexible tape measure

You do: –

You will need the thickest silver wire you can get to make this choker necklace. It might be a bit more difficult to bend it for the closure but it’s worth it. Too thin and it get distorted every time you move and lose it’s shape.

You need this

You need this

First up using your flexible tape measure, wrap it around your neck to get a sense of how long you want this choker to be. Make a note of that measurement. You want to add on no more than 1 centimetre for the bending back of the closures.

Fortunately silver wire comes coiled in a roll so getting a nice round choker shape is easy. You want to make sure you bend the closures at each end so they make the right angles to each other. Use round pliers for this as normal pliers will leave marks on the soft silver.

Once that’s done, add the O-ring to your charm and slip it onto your choker.

That’s all there is to this easy jewelry making tutorial.

Have a great green week.



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