Beaded Serviette Rings

Beaded Serviette Rings

Beaded Serviette Rings

My daughter made these beaded serviette rings easily two decades ago when she was still living at home. What I like about them is they are light and small and so work well with paper serviettes. We’ve been experiencing the worst drought since records began in Cape Town and washing cloth napkins is simply not an option.

So I don’t have step by step instructions since this DIY predates this blog. But they are easy to make.

You need: –

  • thick wire
  • thin wire
  • pliers
  • beads

You do: –

Decide on the circumference of your serviette holders and find something similar in size, maybe a condiment bottle or a can of something or even an electric toothbrush. Wind the thick wire around that about three times and then overlap a bit. Cut the wire and fold it around the three rings you just made.

Now thread your beads onto the thinner wire and start winding it around the thicker wire. The beads don’t have to be packed together. This is a rustic look. Play around with how far apart you want your beads until you’re happy. Then wind and wind beads and wire until the thick wire is covered. Cut the thin wire with your pliers and feed any ends away into the thicker wire.

That’s it folks!┬áBeaded serviette rings done. You could make them with wooden beads, crystals, monochrome, pastel colours or rainbow colours.

Have a great green week.