Repurposing Wine Corks

Repurposed corks to mark your herbs

Repurposed corks to mark your herbs

Ever wondered how to go about repurposing wine corks?┬áNo surpise to find a way in Greenie Dresses for Less. Come spring I go mad and plant seeds, and then they come up, but is it a weed or a seed? And if a seed, which one did I plant in this pot? By repurposing wine corks it’s easy to know what’s popping up in the garden and re-cycle items that would have gone into landfill.

You need: –

  • washed used satay sticks
  • wine bottle corks
  • marker pen
You need these

You need these

You do: –

Write the name of your herbs on the cork. Insert the sharp end of your satay stick in the cork. Poke into the soil of your herb planter or garden.

Write plant name on cork

Write plant name on cork

And just like that you know what’s going on in your garden.

Have a great green week.


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