Muslin Curtains Two Ways

DIY Muslin Curtains Two Ways is showing how I made two sets of muslin curtains. These muslin curtains are made with with a slot.

Muslin curtains with a slot

Muslin curtains with a slot

I had to come up with curtains rather quickly for a London apartment which lacked light – hence this pair of posts called – DIY Muslin Curtains Two Ways. The only way I could enhance what little light came in was to use the lightest, sheerest fabric to make curtains. These ones went in the bedroom and I made them by making a slot. Into the slot went an expanding/telescopic/extendable shower curtain rod which didn’t require drilling or tampering with the window frame. Click on this link – to see how I made them.

You need: –

  • muslin 2 x width of window by 1. 5 times height of window
  • matching colour thread
  • sewing machine
  • tape measure

You do: –

Follow the instructions for making Muslin Curtains Two Ways – on this link.

But skip the fold over bit and make a slot. You make a slot by folding over the muslin just enough to cover the curtain rod, plus a bit extra for a seam allowance. Luckily I didn’t have to hem these curtains and could use the selvedge which in this instance is more attractive than a seam.

Sew a slot

Sew a slot

Sew your hem for your slot in place. Mine was a bit generous as I didn’t want to have to hem the bottom of these curtains. And frankly, I think they look just fine.

Have a great green week.