Green Tunic Dress

Green Tunic Dress

Green Tunic Dress

OK there’s no pattern for this green tunic dress from me. For a change. It’s a commercial pattern that I’ve made before and I love it. Am not going to do the whole deal with what you need or how to make it as that is included in the pattern instructions. There are a couple of photos of the process, That’s it.

Very Easy Vogue V8378

Very Easy Vogue V8378

The pattern is from Vogue in their Very Easy Vogue range and the number is V8378. It’s probably discontinued by now but you can always find something similar. If not from Vogue, then one of the other pattern manufacturers. I gravitate toward easy patterns because I don’t see why I should make life difficult.

What to look out for that makes a sewing project difficult?

  • adding a lining
  • setting sleeves
  • multiple button holes
  • setting collars
  • pleats
  • tucks
  • panels
  • fitted clothing
  • working with fabrics that have a pile or are fluffy – often referred to as a nap
  • working with slippery fabrics
Sewing up the dress

Sewing up the dress

What to look out for that makes a sewing project easy?

  • no sleeves to set – kimono sleeves are easy
  • no buttons and few or no fasternings – I often use press studs
  • loose fit garments
  • elastic waistbands
  • use fabrics that have very little fraying at the edges
  • no patterned fabrics that have to be matched up or lined up
  • no run and fell, french or complicated seams
  • smaller items as opposed to very large projects

All my DIY fashion projects are very easy. I have an tutorial for a fool proof way to set a zip – here. You can find more sewing tips – here – and – here.

Have a great week.



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