Window Crystals

Window Crystal

Window Crystals

I’m a BIG fan of crystals and bought a few window crystals from a friend of a friend. They aren’t at all difficult to make so I made a few more. Now every window in our home has a window crystal. They’re supposed to be excellent Feng Shui and cast rainbow sparkles across a room. Here’s how to make them.

You need: –

  • a length of strong wire to fit the window plus a bit extra for a loop at one end
  • crystals or beads
  • crimp beads or crimp tubes
  • pliers

You do: –

You’re going to make a loop at the one end of your wire and squash a crimping bead or a crimping tube to hold it in place. See below.

Make a loop at one and and crimp

Make a loop at one and and crimp

That’s the top of your window crystal. Hang it somewhere (a cupboard or door handle will do) and now start adding to it.

Wherever you place a crimping bead, the beads will rest above that spot. You don’t have to use crimping beads. You could make one long eclectic mix of beads. I copied the window crystals I bought as I liked the look of them. I didn’t want anything too busy or fussy in our windows.

Add beads

Add beads

You can use any mix of beads. Plastic, glass, metal, crystal or semi-precious stones. I used a piece of black tourmaline which is reputed to have grounding properties. Rose quartz brings harmony and love.The heavier your beads, the better it will hang.

At the bottom you want a statement crystal. I used a nice big faceted crystal. But you could try something different like a brass bell?  Have fun with this and not only are they attractive, they make great gifts.

Have a great week.



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