Easy Earrings

Easy Earrings

Easy Earrings

One of my favourite – and easiest things to make – are stud earrings. Easy earrings I call them. If you have a great haberdashery or bridal shop near you, that’s the perfect place to take a gander at their buttons. You’re looking for a button with a shank that can easily be cut off with a side cutter too.

You need: –

  • buttons with a shank
  • strong glue
  • stud backs with butterfly
  • side cutter tool
  • metal file
Glue button to stud back

Glue stud back to button

You do: –

Cut off the shank of your buttons and file the back of your buttons as flat as possible. Check that any parts about to be glued ar clean and free of oil or dirt or they won’t glue properly. Also make sure your stud backs are ready to hand before you mix the two parts of your strong adhesive together. Add a spot of mixed glue to the back of your buttons. Quickly add the stud back to the button and allow to dry. The longer the better.

Voila – easy earrings in a matter of minutes.

Here – is an older post to similar earrings. I made – these earrings – from a piece of diamante trimming. This post – shows how I turned beads into stud earrings. You could use clay to make your own shapes or cut quirky shapes like lightening bolts from plastic packaging to make a fun set of studs.

Have a great week.