Pleather Spectacle Case

Pleather Spectacle Case

Pleather Spectacle Case

I made this pleather spectacle case along with a set of DIY mobile phone covers – Mobile Phone Covers – and a tote bag – Pleather Tote Bag.  They are all dead easy to make. The only two things to get right are: –

  • cutting the edges straight
  • sewing without the feed dog sticking

Other than that, it’s cut, sew done. I talk about how I did it in the two other posts so click on the links above.

You need: –

  • pleather
  • matching colour thread
  • sewing machine
  • cutting knife
  • large wooden board to cut on
  • metal or firm ruler
  • pencil
Measure your pleather

Measure your pleather

You do: –

Figure out how big your pleather spectacle case needs to be. It’s a square folded in half. As you can see in the photo, my pleather spectacle case was 16 centimetres x 16 centimetres. Using a pencil, mark where you will cut on the inside of your pleather.

Cut with a blade next to a firm ruler

Cut with a blade next to a firm ruler

You cannot cut this with scissors as the edges will not be straight. You need a blade which you will slide right next to a firm ruler. A soft surface like a wooden board or workbench to cut on is preferable if you want to keep your blade sharp.

Once cut, fold over your case in half and now you will sew. You can use tissue paper between your sewing machine foot and the pleather case. Or hold the case firmly at each end and coax it through your sewing machine so it doesn’t get stuck. Make sure to stitch back and forth at each end.

And just like that your pleather spectacle case is complete.

More DIY fashion and decor ideas coming up here soon.