Pearl String Bracelet

Pearl string bracelet

Pearl and String Bracelet

The inspiration for this pearl string bracelet came from bracelets I see on yogis when I go to class. They seem to be knotted on, never to come off. And while I like that, I also like the option of being able to remove a bracelet. I came up with thisĀ pearl string bracelet that uses a bead, or a small button, or whatever fastening you want use.

The only advice I would give is if using a light thread, pick a light bead. If you have a heavy bead, then double, even triple your thread or use a heavier thread. If the bead is too heavy the bracelet won’t fall nicely as the bead will pull it down.

You can see it’s stupid easy to make. Here’s how to make a pearl string bracelet.

You need: –

  • thread
  • bead or button
  • crochet hook

You do: –

You need thread, a bead and a crochet hook

You need thread, a bead and a crochet hook

You need some lovely thread, I used embroidery thread. But you could use cotton, string, wool, tafetta, rope pretty much anything. You can make this pearl string bracelet much heavier and bigger. It doesn’t have to be fine like this one.

Make a loop at one end

Make a loop at one end

Make a loop at one end and start crocheting your bracelet. If you’re using multiple threads, you could also make a plait. Don’t worry about any loose threads as you will feed them into the crochet afterwards. Check the bracelet will fit around your arm then stop crocheting.

Add bead to other end

Add bead to other end

Add your bead to the other end. If you are plaiting, you may only be able to get one or two threads through your bead. It’s OK.

Before you do anything more, check if the bracelet is a nice fit. If not, remove your bead. Undo or add more crocheting to get it right.

Once you’re happy, leave the bead on, tie the thread a few times to secure the bead. And cut the thread. Now using your crochet hook feed the loose ends back into your crocheting.

That’s all there is to this easy bracelet. I was in a bridal shop last week and saw the most beautiful fine shell buttons and crystal buttons as well as silver and gold thread. Perfect for this bracelet. They had all sorts of button shapes too. Lovely flowers and faceted ones.

More DIY inspo next week. Meanwhile have a great green week.