Wire Ring

Wire ring

Wire Ring

My sister in law and the family gave me a crafting set as a gift last year and in the box was wire which I used to make this wire ring. Also made a second wire ring with wire I already had. I’ve seen wire rings on Pinterest but never tried to make one. Super duper easy.

You need: –

  • firm wire
  • pliers/wire cutters
  • sandpaper
  • something round

You do: –

File the end of your wire with sandpaper to remove any sharp edges.

Now using your pliers bend back the end to make a teardrop shape.

Wind the wire around a round item – wine bottle cork, fat knitting needle, hair brush handle, anything round and about the width of a finger.

Cut the other end of the wire and sand to remove any sharp edges.

Bend other end back to a teardrop shape.

Bend and shape to fit your finger.

Voila! A new ring.

Have a great green week.