Moss Agate Necklace

Moss Agate necklace

Moss Agate necklace

This Moss Agate necklace goes back a wee while. You can see it with a kimono jacket made from old curtains in – this – post. You get what you get when you go shopping for stones. I was lucky enough to find this lovely piece of Moss Agate.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate

A quick Google search for the qualities of Moss Agate is most confusing. No two sites say the same thing. Ah well. One has to hope it does everything. So how did I make this?

You need: –

  • a stone with a hole through it
  • some wire
  • a chain
  • a clasp
  • O rings
  • pliers
You need this to make a Moss Agate necklace

You need this to make a Moss Agate necklace

You do: –

Make sure you wire is as straight as possible and slide it through your stone.

Bend it into loops at each end and try to bend the ends of the wire tucked in so they don’t catch on clothing.

Now measure to see how long you want your chain to be around your neck. Cut chain. Add clasp to one side using an O ring.

Slip an O ring onto the loop through your stone. Slide your stone to your chain. Add O ring or other end of clasp to opposite end of your chain.

Voila! Necklace complete.

More next week. Meanwhile have a great green week.