DIY Shrug

DIY Shrug

How to make a DIY Shrug

Anyone who lands on my blog will quickly find out that it’s a DIY fashion blog. This is a DIY shrug. I’ve made this before in a softer shiny green fabric. For full instructions and the tutorial click – here.

Am loving these loose easy to wear ponchos, shawls and shrugs popping up on the fashion radar.

But the best bit is they are super easy to make. Perfect for DIY fashionistas.

There are other DIY shrugs out there but what I like about this shrug is that it’s shaped to fit the shoulders. I saw one in Cotton On. Back home I tried to recreate it. Also added the ties at the front to keep it closed. Often do that. See something in a shop or a magazine and get inspired to make it. Have had some great successes. And some dismal flops. Most flops have been as a result of bad fabric choice. You live and learn.

I sew, knit, crochet and will do just about any kind of crafting. Why? because I love making things. Also, because I know recycling, upcycling and DIY fashion are a greener way to live. Two for one.

Hope you find inspiration in the archives or galleries above.

Have a great green week.