Bead Button Necklace

Bead button necklace

Bead button necklace

I originally made this bead button necklace a few years back as a bracelet. You can read that ancient post on – this link. The other day I thought it would make a really nice beaded necklace. And so it did. Back then I didn’t show step by step photos. So will explain how I made this bead and button necklace, but it’s fairly easy

Bead button bracelet

Bead button bracelet

You need: –

  • beads with a nice wide hole
  • thick cord or waxed cord
  • a small button
  • glue

You do: –

I used a bit of nail polish at the one end of the cord and let it dry hard. This was so the cord wouldn’t unravel as I slipped the beads on. Then I slipped on beads and kept wrapping around my wrist it to see how long I needed to make it. You can make this wrap once, twice, three or four times. Up to you.

I tied a small button at the one end. And made a loop at the other end. dabbed a bit of glue on the knots to make them strong.

And that was it.

More next week.