Anthony Kwok spiral sundress

I’ve been wanting to make this dress forever! My mother is great at bagging bargains and books at charity sales. She found the book Creative Dressing by Kaori O’Connor and gave it to me years ago. Creative Dressing has a mix of sewing and knitting patterns. I love the eighties style and feel of clothing designs and photos in the book.

Spiral sundress

This spiral sundress looked great on the model in the book but I could never quite figure out how a long rectangular strip of fabric  . . .  could become this dress. Which is why I took so long to make it. I up cycled a sheet here (was being cautious) but this dress would have been much nicer in a fabric with just a hint of give.


The book lists the designer as Anthony Kwok. I had to Google him. What genius dreams up a creation like this? Sadly he passed away early in his life. If you go to – – and search a bit you can read more about Anthony Kwok.

Anthony Kwok

You need: –
matching colour thread
sewing machine
sewing scissors

You do: –
Cut a rectangular piece of fabric.

Cut rectangle of fabric

Cut from the corner to create the neck area. See pattern and picture.

Measure from corner
Cut from corner to create neck

Now fold over where you have cut to start spiraling the fabric. Again – see picture and pattern.

Fold over

Fold again and pin the sides together.

Fold again and pin dress together

Sew dress together.

Cut hem straight at bottom
Cut the dress straight across at the bottom.
Hem around the edges

Hem around the edges.

I’ve taken the plunge and enlisted some help so Greenie can have a long overdue make-over. And I’ve splashed out on a proper camera. Only thing is  . . . I need to learn how to use it. One step at a time.

Hopefully Greenie Dresses for Less blog will be a much prettier and more user friendly version of herself really soon.

Look for the Galleries pages here where you can find loads of other sewing and jewelry making ideas to hopefully inspire you to DIY and not buy.

Have a great green week.