Up-cycled rope bracelet

Bit of a theme going on in this blog. Recycling one thing into another rather than toss in the bin. I up-cycled the cord tie from a parka into a bracelet. So I was about to tie the cord from my parka and whoops, it came loose. I wasn’t about to try and unpick and re-sew it back into the jacket. Decided to rather live without it. Then I thought I would see if it would make a bracelet. And it does!

DIY rope bracelet

This is more of a fun thing than a statement piece. I guess you could use sexier coloured cord and a sparkly crystal or pearl button for a prettier bracelet. A finer silk cord or a waxed cord would look good. Also thought about using fabric off-cuts. I made the hairband in the link below from fine fabric strips.

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I’m not going to give laborious instructions for this as there really isn’t much to it.

Cord from my parka

In a nutshell I made a crochet chain from the end that had the toggle. I made the chain long enough to make a bracelet.

I left the loop and fed the excess cord back through the chain.

Make a chain long enough for a bracelet

You can use a lighter – if your cord is plastic (careful please) – or a drop of strong glue – to make sure the loop at the end doesn’t come loose.

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More next week.