FREE shift dress sewing pattern + tutorial

This dress is – hands down – the number one visited post on my blog. I get more letters about this dress than any of the others. What pleases me most is hearing that people are happy with their final result. It’s not always easy to explain some of the steps in making a garment, so great to know people understand how to make it.

Why am I re-posting it? My photos aren’t that good. I desperately need a new camera. Also I’ve learned a lot since I took the original pic. Not that my photos are going to win any wards but I wanted to try and show this dress in a better light.

Am going to send you straight to the original blog post. Click – here – for a link to the FREE sewing pattern and tutorial.

And I feel I should also mention that not only is this easy to make, it’s a pleasure to wear. It’s a loose hence comfy, but also a flattering shift dress. I have made this in a few colours. Have only used a light, but crisp cotton. Fabric is EVERYTHING in making a garment. But I would like to be brave and maybe make it in a print for a more boho fun feel.

There are plenty more FREE sewing patterns if you can find the Greenie Galleries on this blog. And lots of ideas to upcycle and recycle just about anything.

I’ve just make a choker and bracelet set with black electric cord. I can’t believe how well they turned out. And I made yet another kimono jacket from old curtains. You can find pics of what’s to come on the Greenie Dresses for Less Facebook page.

And just to remind us all why we want to DIY and not buy, watch this – John Oliver digs into the low cost child labor hypocrisy in the fashion industry. It’s 17 minutes long and he does rather take the Mickey in this skit, but it’s got a lot of uncomfortable facts. We need to know this stuff.

Back next week with more.