Summer dress tutorial

This dress came out particularly well. Amazing how a different fabric can completely change the look of a dress? See the exact same dress pattern in black cotton – on this link.

Summer sundress

My photos aren’t all that. I’m still using an Instamatic camera. Duh! And the look of this blog could do with a professional touch too. But the point of this blog always was – and still is – to show how easy it is to make clothes.

To share what I’ve made, so other people will hopefully be inspired to DIY and not buy. When you make your own clothes you know for sure they don’t come out of a sweat shop. Last week Friday was Fashion Revolution Day. Go to (fashionrevolution followed by org) to read more.

This dress was made from a sheet I was no longer using. And some lace I happened to have. Not only is this dress light on my conscience, it was light on my purse. Total cost = 0.

You need: –
matching colour thread
long ruler or tape measure
sewing scissors

You do: –

Cut dress from fabric

 Cut dress from your fabric. Cut straps from fabric.

Hem armhole areas

Sew side seams leaving space at top ends for arms to fit.
Press seams flat with an iron and hem the armhole area.

Make straps

Make straps as if you are making jumbo sized bias binding just not on the bias of the fabric.
Fold over top allowing space for straps to slide through and sew flat. Make a hem at bottom of dress.

Sew lace to bottom of dress

Sew lace to bottom of dress.

Slide straps through top of dress

Press straps flat with an iron and slide through top of dress.


And just like that, this easy summer sundress is done.

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See you soon,