How to make a key charm

Each time I set foot into the shops and find myself drawn to gorgeous stuff that I desperately want to have that very moment, I have to remind myself that – no I can’t buy it. I must first try and DIY it.

Tassel key charm

Sure, there are plenty things I can’t actually make. Well I probably could – but I’m not going to try. Boots, hats, watches, fine jewellery and a tailored jacket or pair of jeans spring to mind. But it’s possible – and even dead easy – to make a LOT of stuff. The last few seasons have seen loose, light shapes which are super easy to make.

Making your own fashionable items is a big fat green choice. You know YOU made it and not a child in a sweat shop. And it’s fun. And better still – you make your clothes and accessories exactly how you would like them. Longer or shorter. Tighter or looser. All in black or made in a vivid lime green. If you prefer florals to stripes or spots, then you make your clothing in florals.

I make a point of trying to re-use or up-cycle first. Check out the Greenie Galleries at the top of this page to see for example – Bracelets made from electric cable and left-over wire. Earrings from food packaging. Jackets from left-over tapestry fabric and even tops from old curtains.

Two great books that spell out the harsh truth of fast fashion are –

Over Dressed by Elizabeth L Cline – and –
To Die For by Lucy Siegle. Life changing reads.

On to this weeks DIY. I’ve been wanting to make a tassel key charm. As per usual, it’s easy peasy.

You need: –
embroidery thread
business card
2 x O Rings

You do: –
Bend a small loop at the end of your wire so your beads don’t fall off. Size not an issue. You decide what looks best.

You need, beads, pliers, embroidery thread, business card, glue and O Rings

It’s important to bend any kinks out your wire so your beads can slide on easily. Now add beads to wire. You’re looking for something a bit more fun than ho hum beads. Swirly perspex or acetate look good. Tin or metal beads are also nice. Semi precious stones have all sorts of wonderful qualities so maybe think about using them?

Make a loop at end of wire and load beads

Now to make your tassel. Wind your embroidery thread around the narrow side of a business card. The more you wind the fatter your tassel with be. Open an O ring with your pliers and slip it through your tassel. Close it and pull it to the top of the card.

Wind thread around business card then add O Ring to make tassel

Slide thread off business card and immediately tie tightly around top end of thread. Knot well and add a spot of glue to make sure knot is secure.

Tie at top end of tassel tightly. Add a spot of glue to knot

Add tassel to one end of your charm. Add an O ring to the other end of your charm.

More next week. Until then, have a great green week.