How to make a wide top

I have been wanting to make a wide top for a while now. I’ve made similar deconstructed tops and

Wide top

kimono tops. See them here: –

But this one is seriously WIDE. The sleeves sit near to my elbows. It happened by mistake. I was trying to make a kimono shrug jacket and realised my piece of fabric was too small. It was never going to work. So I changed tack, added a few pieces of black fabric and come up with this!

You can make your top narrower. You could also use even more different pieces of fabric and use up off-cuts. And you could alter the neckline and make a rounded or even a square neck. This pattern is only a guide.

Please forgive the weird stuff in the background of the photos. Our house is packed up and we have stuff all over. There are also rays of light on the table in the pics. And that’s not all, my model is packed away so I used a pole against a wall for this top. Stuff happens!


Here’s the how-to.

You need: –
fabric as per the pattern pieces
matching colour thread
sewing machine
pins, scissors and other sewing items

You do: –

Cut pattern pieces

Cut your fabric pieces and if your fabric will fray, zig zag the edges.

Sew front pieces together

Now pin and sew the two front pieces – or other pieces if you choose – together.

Pin and sew the shoulders together leaving open enough space for your head to fit through.

Pin and sew sleeves

Pin and sew the sleeves to the sides making sure the sleeves are sit exactly in the middle.

Sew all around underarm and sides

Sew all around the underarms and sides.
Remember to iron seams flat as you sew. I explain why in my sewing tips – click here to find them.

Pin and hem neck

Pin and hem the neck and sleeves.

Pin and sew sleeves and bottom of wide top

Pin and sew a hem around the bottom.
And Voila! You’re done.

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See you right here next week.