FREE kimono sewing pattern

My mother made a kimono jacket for me in December. Find that version and the FREE sewing pattern on this link – kimono sewing pattern. She gave me a few lovely pieces of fabric. I was keen to make another kimono jacket with the same pattern.

Kimono jacket

Two things I did different this time were –

  • take a bigger seam allowance which makes it less voluminous
  • make the sleeves shorter

I think I might prefer this to the other version. But that’s the great thing about making your own clothes. You make them as YOU want them, not how the stores stock them. I can always take the other jacket in if I want it to fit a bit snugger like this one.

The steps to making this kimono are exactly the same. I took pics so you can see the process again.

Make pattern

First you need to make your pattern

Cut back

Cut the back.

Cut front

Cut the front. You can see I allowed extra fabric at the front opening for the diagonal piece (See left in above photo)

Sew top and sides together

Sew top and sides together.

Fold over fabric and make a narrow hem

Fold over and make a small hem all around the jacket and sleeves.

Fold over and sew again to conceal raw edges

Fold over again so raw edges are enclosed and make another small hem.

The hem at the neck may have to be narrower to prevent puckering

Your hem at the neckline might have to be narrower to prevent puckering.

And that’s a fun new kimono in the bag!

See another version of this same pattern – on this link.
And yet another version – here.

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More from me right here next week.