Using fabric scraps to make jewellery

Fabric strip bracelet

I’ve said before that I’m not particularly creative. I see things. I like them. I try to make them. Mainly because to DIY is better than to buy, buy, buy. This bracelet is excellent for using up even the smallest fabric left overs.

The original bracelet that I saw had a button instead of a knot. My mother came up with the idea of a knot while she was staying with us

You need a long narrow strip of fabric

recently and helping me with a few projects. A knot works perfectly. Thanks Mom.

My finished bracelet is about 1.5 centimetres wide but by using a narrower strip of fabric you can make yours smaller. Might even look nicer? And maybe tie or sew a pretty button instead of making a knot? Here’s how to make these bracelets.

You need: –
fabric off-cuts 55 x 7 centimetres
matching thread
sewing machine
iron and ironing board

You do: –
Cut your fabric strips.

Fold fabric and iron flat

Fold them in half length ways and iron flat. Fold the edges in like bias binding and iron again. And fold in edges yet again and iron flat again.

Fold the edges in yet again and iron flat

Now sew your long thin strip so it holds together.

Sew so that it holds together

Fold your long band in half and pin the sides together making sure to leave a loop at the end for your knot to slide through.

Pin together leaving a loop at the end

Set your sewing machine to zig-zag and sew the two pieces together. Sew away the ends.

Zig zag together

Tie a big fat knot at the end. If your fabric is fine you may have to tie the fabric around twice to get a big enough knot.

Make a knot at the opposite end

And just like that – you have a new fun bracelet – which cost almost nothing.

Wear lot of these bracelets stacked together

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More next week,