Long single earring

How to make a long single earring

This blog post is a few days late. Sincerest apologies. Things have been a bit busy.

I originally wanted to show a fabric wrap bracelet that I saw a good few weeks back but trying to recreate it has not been as easy as I thought. Hopefully I will have it figured out in the next few weeks.

While I was catching up on some of the fashion newsletters

You need chain, earring hook and O-Ring

I saw the statement item of the season a few times – a long single earring. Love. Love. Love.

And so easy to make.

Cut chain 10 to 12 centimetres long

Fortunately I always have a big fat stash of DIY equipment and so had an earring hook, chain and a large O-Ring. I used these O-Rings to make – finger tip rings – in an older post.

Here’s how you make this statement earring.

You need: –
earring hook – any type will do

You do: –
Cut your piece of chain to the length that works for you. My chain is 12 centimetres long but that might be a bit too long for you.

The only slight problem with such a long chain is that it may hook and catch on collars or scarves.

Attach your earring hook at one end.

Add earring hook and O-Ring at each end

Attach the large O-Ring at the other end.

Voila! One new – bang on trend – earring.

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More next week.